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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the MAD Concaves Quick Change?

When compared to OEM concaves the MAD Concaves are lighter, function better and offer options to customise to multiple crops. For John Deere S Series and New Holland the MAD Concaves are so quick to change. Keeping the frames in the combine makes changing concave inserts a one-person-job. Overall the MAD Concaves are a smoother operational process and you can mix and match your concave inserts, depending on your crop and conditions.

Is there a Concave Kit for ALL Crops?

The short answer is no, the Starter Kit will cover most crops and conditions. However if you’re cropping Lucerne/Alfalfa for example we would recommend ordering the Lucerne Kit. You are going to further decrease your rotor loss when you customise your concaves to your crop.

Case 88 Series, why is this different?

88 Series MAD Concaves are a modular system. Similar to the JD S Series MAD Concaves, a frame is installed which always stays in place. Then the concaves can be easily swapped in and out.

Why are there different kits?

The type of crop can require different configurations. E.g. wheat and barley require a narrow concave gap like the MAD Concaves .375 . Corn and soybeans have a wider gap like the MAD Concaves Finger Grate.

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