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New Holland
MAD Concaves

Change your concave inserts in minutes! A modular frame (yellow) replaces the original concave, fits into the original concave position in the combine and ALWAYS stays in place.
Changing Concaves just got easier, now only change the concave inserts (black).

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Reduced rotor loss
Quick and easy to change concave inserts. In minutes!
Saves time when moving between different crops and conditions
Longer wear and precision sharpness for aggressive threshing

New Holland

The new split frame MAD concaves with modular inserts, New Holland, was developed to be lighter (30kg) and easier to handle and install into the combine.  Once the frame is installed it is never removed, and the modular concaves (15kg) are easy to insert and quick to swap out in mere minutes with two bolts per insert.  With this design, you’ll optimize your yield and saves on people power and recalibration time.

Compatible with:

All 22” CR twin rotor combines.
The machines build in year “2012” had a bit of an issue with the latch where it can be harder to get the concave frame into position at installation (if you have 2012 machines, we can provide more feedback).

The Starter Kit: MAD-K-NH-01 is ideal for Barley, Canola, Wheat and Lupins. This concave kit will suit most conditions and most crops. The innovative design on the MAD Concave inserts have incredible threshing abilities. High quality AR200 metal allows for longer wear and precision sharpness.

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Bolt Reference Guide

Starter Kit

Position 1
Finger Grates
Position 2

Additional Options

Don’t let time hold you back! You can quickly change your concave inserts in minutes. Further decrease your rotor loss in specific conditions or crops.

Crop Type

Kit Number

Kit Includes

Hard to Thresh Wheat
New Holland .300 Concave x 2 Position 1L & P1R
Oats & Barley Rotor Loss Indicator
New Holland Finger Concaves x 2
New Holland Alfafa Grate x 4
New Holland Alfafa Extension x 2
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Concaves Design

Finger Grate Concave

• Innovative design
• Minimal Threshing
• Canola, peas, barley, oats, sunflower, corn, soybeans
• Front or Second Position

.225 Concave

• Hard to thresh crops
• Wheat, flax, Frosted Crop

.300 Concave

• Allows more seed out of the concave, reducing rotor loss
• Large easy thresh cereals

.375 Concave

• Large cereal crops that need some threshing
• All crops

.435 Concave

• Ideal for very easy to thresh crops such as hemp
• Chickpeas, faba beans

Slotted Concave

• No threshing, full separation
• No cracking
• Edible beans, canola, sunflower

Lucerne (Alfalfa Concave)

• Both positions
• Specially designed to suit lucerne

Round Bar Concave

• Full separation

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