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Transforming Harvest Efficiency and Yield Optimisation for Australian Farmers

About MAD Concaves

MAD Concaves is named after brothers Murray and Dallas Skyman and business partner Alan Armstrong (MAD) who worked to design a more efficient system that would thresh wheat better and decrease loss and dockage. Since then, these specialty Concaves have been designed for various different crops to make harvest easier. In 2022, the MAD Concave business was acquired by Bushel Plus, the #1 drop pan company founded and headed up by Marcel Kringe.

Primary Sales Australia

Australian Distributor of MAD Concaves

Primary Sales Australia was blown away by the incredible results and buzz surrounding MAD Concaves in Canada, prompting them to introduce these game-changing Concaves to Australian farmers. With their groundbreaking designs, MAD Concaves offer an unbeatable option for farmers looking to reduce rotor loss and supercharge their harvest efficiency. Primary Sales Australia has been empowering Broadacre farmers since it opened its doors in 1985. With a headquarters in Perth and sales offices in Dubbo, NSW, Adelaide, SA, and Bendigo, VIC, they've built a strong network of independent machinery dealerships across Australia, ensuring easy access to their innovative products. Their engineering and sales staff stay at the forefront of agricultural advancements, attending conferences, research field days, and engaging in projects to keep up with the latest trends. This enables them to engineer products specifically tailored to Aussie conditions based on the newest research, constantly pushing for better agricultural systems. But what sets them apart is their close-knit relationship with farmers and inventors. They're always chatting, brainstorming, and collaborating to create new products and solutions that genuinely make a difference in the farming community.

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